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The World's First Circular Fashion House

Sutton Green Label was founded with the intent to provide a simple and fashionable way for customers to adopt more sustainable purchasing habits. It's not a trend. Circular fashion is a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Sutton Stracke is the blueprint of how one becomes a sustainable fashion curator by creating a collection that stays true to personal aesthetic and authenticity while actively participating in the reduction of the industry's carbon footprint.

Sutton Stracke, entrepreneur and television personality, is launching Sutton Brands, a sustain- able fashion effort and the latest of her artistic ventures.

Sutton has long been a leading member of the arts community on both US coasts, with deep ties to the top Parisian and Italian fashion houses. Her successful LA-based concept boutique, SUTTON, established in 2019, provides an outlet for exposure and point of sale for the best emerging designers across the fashion world.

Her new company, Sutton Brands, will pair celebrities with existing sustainable brands to create a custom collection of clothing, housewares, and collectibles that showcases their unique aesthetic.

With the ultimate goal of increasing the sustainability profile of the fashion industry, Sutton Brands will incubate sustainable brands using a revenue share model that benefits all parties. The brands benefit from the influencer’s name recognition, and the influencer/celebrity can launch their own line of personalized products.

The key, however, is sustainability.

Sutton has long recognized the negative consequences fashion can have on the environment and is keen to do her part to improve its impact. For that reason, Sutton Brands will select existing brands that are already making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints and achieve circularity in their business models.

To the same end she will partner with Retail Reworks, experts in reworking textile items, to turn factory seconds or returned items into fashion-forward pieces that influencers can feel excited about putting their name on and their fans will be happy to wear.

“After several years now working in the fashion business, I have learned that the only way for fashion to be sustainable is through Circular Fashion. With Retail Reworks support, I am able to re-manufacture. It is where fashion not only must go, but is going.”

Her desire to lead the way in Circular Fashion has also led Sutton to partner with The Return, a nationwide network of neighborhood returns hubs that are keyed into local clothing recyclers, re-makers, resellers, and charities. At returns hubs, customers can trade in used items for credit or return unused merchandise. All merchandise goes from the returns hub directly to the best second-life option for that item using The Return’s proprietary R4 cloud-based software.

Sutton’s desire is that Sutton Brands brings true circularity to the fashion industry, for the betterment of the industry, its customers, and the planet. With the introduction of her green label; along with her designed black label.

The Solution: Shopping Sustainably

Purchasing from Sutton Green Label directly supports the slow fashion movement, which focuses on producing high-quality, lasting pieces rather than following fast-paced trends that result in excess waste.

We design and curate our clothing and home goods with the utmost care, focusing on timeless pieces that will last for seasons to come. We're committed to reducing waste at every stage of our product lifecycle, from design to production.

Please visit Sutton Brands for additional ways to support sustainable fashion.

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